Lifting Column MAC18U

2-piece Aluminum Lifting Column

up to 6000 N

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for industrial ergonomic workplaces and medical industry.

MAC18U is a completely newly developed Lifting Column, designed to meet the requirements for aesthetics and quality in industrial workplaces. In development, emphasis was placed on high stability and reasonable price level. The MAC18U Lifting Column is designed to load max. 6000 N and can be up to 16 mm/s without load. The bending moment is 1000nm.

plug &Play: MAC18U column can also be obtained as a complete Plug &amp Play solution; Play, which contains one or more MAC18U Lifting Columns, Movetec 230 V AC Control Box, all Cables and Control Panel.

Material specifications:

Outdoor Profile: Material: Anodized Aluminum

Internal Profile: Aluminum Profile: Anodized Aluminum

Friction Glides: POM Derivateive

Top Plate: Steel

Bottom board: Steel

Steel parts: Aluminum, Steel, ABS, POM, PP

Technical data:

Max. Load: PP: 1: Max. Loading: 6000 N (depending on stroke length)

Max. Loose speed: 16 mm/sec (2500 N) (depends on force)

Lesser length: 100-600*mm/special versions up to 1000mm (depends on power)

Dynamic/static bending moment: 800/1000 Nm (depends on stroke length)

Built-in measurement/length: 222-722/735 mm (at 6000 N: 265-565 mm)

Operating temperature: +5°C – +45°C

Power/voltage: 12/24V DC

Output cable: cable output in internal Profile

Interruptions: 10%

Double Hall-sensors: Yes