Graepel CS

Since its foundation in 1889, Friedrich Graepel AG has been the world’s leading manufacturer of sheet metal, stainless steel and aluminium products and is perceived as a reliable partner producing and offering a mature and practice-oriented product portfolio.

In-house development, high product quality and excellent flexible product-oriented solutions guarantee constant added value. Through extensive competencies and the implementation of modern technologies, the company has been developing the field for more than 130 years. A total of 1,700 employees in six production sites on five continents contribute to its success. Products such as safety grating and platforms, ladder rungs and ladders, stairs and staircases, footbridges and gangways, landings and risers, supplemented by assembly elements, are the mainstay of the production portfolio, while we also have our own paint and zinc coating plants. In keeping with our motto: “Safety underfoot”, we manufacture our products for a variety of industries and a wide range of applications.

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