About us

InSumma s.r.o. has been operating in Slovakia and the Czech Republic since 2007. It is formed by a group of major German companies, which decided to expand their activities in the region of eastern Central Europe under one umbrella on the basis of the established trend of development of their activities, cooperation and a constantly growing number of satisfied customers.

Wide portfolio of brands

The products and services offered by these companies under our umbrella do not compete with each other, on the contrary, they complement each other and thus maintain their own identity, brand and integrity.

Our commitment

The name of the company, which in Latin means “At the top“, gives us a commitment to the fact that all our activities are carried out with one goal in mind, which we always strive to meet, and that is the satisfaction of our business partners and customers.

Basic info

History of the brand

pred 2007 

Business activities of represented German companies in CZ and SK

01. 09. 2007

Formation of the company


Granted the status of Graepel Importer and Exclusive Sales Representative for SK and CZ


Opening of local office in Prague


Opening of local offices in Olomouc and Košice


Opening of the local office in Nitra


Status granted of Importer and Exclusive Sales Representative of Schultze for SK and CZ


Status granted of Baumaschinen Fink sales office for SK and CZ


Status granted of Movetec Sales Office for SK and CZ

Our team


Team of sales representatives

Tailor-made solutions

We will be happy to advise you on the ideal solution for your project.