MLA18 Actuator

MLA18 Actuator

Strong and fast inline linear propulsion

to 4500 N

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Small and compact, powerful and fast industrial drive

The range of MOVEC MLA18 is the most similar to the MLA17 series, but is designed for industrial aPPlications that require higher load and speed. IP69K (optional) coverage ensures that it can withstand high temperature, high -pressure water jet and dust penetration. Suitable for constructions that require small Installation dimensions and visual discreet drive. Load up to 4500N. Hall-sensors are optional.

plug &Play:MLA18 is available as plug &Play solution, complemented by one or more MLA18 controls, Movetec 230 V AC Control Box, all Cables and Control Panel.

By selecting the Bluetooth® Control Box, MLA18 is simply controlled using iPhone® or Android®-Smartphone.

Material specifications:

Outdoor Profile: Anodized Aluminum

Spindle/piston rod: carbon Steel/Aluminum/stainless Steel

Friction part: POM Derivateive

Other actuators of actuators: Aluminum, Steel, ABS, POM, PP

Parts of the actuator drive: Aluminum, Steel, ABS, POM, PP and others

Cover, socket, plug, cable: PC, PVC and other plastics

Technical data:

Max. load: 4500 N (pressure), 3000 n (thrust)

Max. Wordless speed: 27.5 mm/s (at 500 n/press and pull)

Max. Load speed: 24 mm/s (at 500 n/press and pull)

Lesser length: 20-400/500 mm (possible special versions up to 1000 mm)

Built-in measurement/length: stroke length + 289-349 mm (up to 500 mm)

Size, outer Profile/coat: 51 mm x 51 mm x length

Front of the attachment: Aluminum/Steel, no U -shaped slot or forks

Rear attachment: Aluminum cast, U -shaped fork

Front and posterior fastening holes: Ø10.2 mm and Ø13 mm

Power/voltage: 24V DC/option 12V DC

Breaks: 10 %

Double Hall-sensors: yes, optional

Operating temperature: -5°C – +65°C/at full load: +5°C – +45°C

Rating IP: without protection, with IP54 and up to IP69K

Certificates: UL73

Color: black or gray (Pantone 428C)

Control Box: More options can be found at

Synchronized drive: max. 12x drives in synchronized drive

Control Panel: More options can be found at


Bluetooth® control for iPhone® and Android® smartphones. Potentiometer. Hall-screens.12V DC. Lift length up to 1000 mm (500 N). IP: Cover up to IP69K.