Lifting Column MAC192-00

2-piece Aluminum Lifting Column

to 10,000 n

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Strong and reliable Lifting Column for industrial use

MAC192-00 has been developed for moving/lifting very heavy loads (up to 10,000 N) at lower speed and easier tasks at higher speed. MAC192-00 is a very powerful industrial Lifting Column.

Plug &Play: MAC192-00 is available as plug &Play solution combined with one or more MAC192-00 Lifting Columns, Movetec 230 VAC control, all Cables and Control Panel.

option: By selecting a Bluetooth® Control Box, MAC192-00 can be easily operated using the iPhone® or Android® smartphone.

Material specifications:

Outdoor Profile: Anodized Aluminum

Internal Profile: Anodized Aluminum

Friction sliders: POM Derivate

top of: Galvanized Steel

Bottom board: Galvanized Steel

Parts of the lifting drive: Aluminum, Steel, ABS, POM, PP

Technical data:

Max. Load: 6000N-10000N

Dynamic bending moment: 800 nm

Static bending moment: 1000 nm

Max. Break -free speed: 23.5 mm/s (1500 N)

Lesser length: 100-600 mm (possible special versions up to 1000 mm)

Installation length/built -in measurement: stroke length + 178 mm

Operating temperature: +5°C – +45°C

Power/voltage: 12V/24V DC

Breaks: 10 %

Double Hall-sensors: Yes

Size of Top Plate: 249 mm x 170 mm

Size of bottom plate: 249 mm x 170 mm

External Profile Dimensions: 192 mm x 164 mm

Internal Profile Dimensions: 175mm x 135mm

Mounting track A: top width 9 mm/bottom of 22 mm/depth of 9 mm

Control Box: More options can be found at

Synchronized drive: max. 32x Lifting Columns in synchronized drive

Control Panel: More options can be found at

Options: Bluetooth® control for iPhone® and Android® smartphones. Potentiometer. Load capacity up to 10 000 N. Lift length up to 1000 mm. Cable in the smallest Profile. 12V DC. 100% brake.